Addiction still eludes a ‘magic bullet’ cure          January 2018

A Moral Imperative to Eradicate Measles, Rubella    January 2017


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Eating Disorders          September 2016

Anorexia nervosa         September 2016

Bulimia nervosa           September 2016

Dengue          August 2016

Dandruff        August 2016

Sedatives       August 2016

Aromatase Inhibitors    August 2016

Parkinson’s Disease (6 parts)        July 2016

Malaria (3 parts)          July 2016


Measles: A primer, an interview with Robert Herriman of Outbreak News Today June 2016

About C. diff, an interview with Robert Herriman of Outbreak News Today  January 2016

“Meet dengue’s cousin, Zika”                                               March 2016

Melioidosis: A greater threat than previously suspected?         July 2016


OTHER PUBLISHED NEWS ARTICLES, 2009-2013: These articles were for an online journal for dentists, where the publisher paid me to write research-based news stories of interest to dental professionals. They were on subjects either assigned to or chosen by me. Membership is free. Clicking on the print version gets rid of the ads. PDFs available by request.


Oral Physician residency addresses changing landscape                        October 16, 2013


Study: Regular scaling can reduce atrial fibrillation risk                        April 9, 2013


Shared dental visits work well with infants, toddlers                                    March 21, 2013


Researchers unraveling the etiology of ‘meth mouth’                         March 7, 2012


“Flu season begs the question: To vaccinate or not?”                         November 22, 2011

“Hospital clinic focuses on family oral health”                                                 April 25,2011


“Many physicians still resist doing oral health assessments”             December 30,2010


“Breast cancer linked to perio disease and tooth loss”                        November 18, 2010


“Gender plays a role in risk for certain oral diseases”                        August 30, 2010


“Dentists can play a key role in screening for HIV”                                    August 16, 2010


“Dentists move to the front lines on sleep disorders: Pt 2”                         August 5, 2010


“Dentists move to the front lines on sleep disorders: Pt 1”                        August 4, 2010


“Older patients’ oral health critical prior to surgery”                                    July 23, 2010


“Endoscopy eases pain of salivary stones”                                                May 20, 2010


“Hemodialysis patients need extra TLC”                                                December 3, 2009


“Flapless implant surgery an effective option”                                    July 9, 2009


“Dentists may need to treat pediatric reflux disease”                                    May 28, 2009


“Study finds no need to remove all caries”                                                May 14, 2009



The Noe Valley Voice


“MRSA Makes a Stir in 94114”                                                            April 2008


Journal of Holistic Nursing                                                                 March 2008

“Herb and Supplement Use Among the Retail Population of an Independent, Urban

   Herb Store” (original research)